Export / Import of essential oils, natural ingredients and raw materials for the food industry.
We sell potato flakes for making mashed potatoes and other products and ready meals
Potato flakes are made from potatoes grown in ecologically clean regions of central Russia, Belarus and EU countries
We supply a wide range of high quality potato flakes in different types of packaging all year round
We are a small team. We love a healthy lifestyle and we care what will happen tomorrow.
About us
Prospector is a small family business from Italy. Our head office is located in Bologna. We are specialists in the export / import of natural ingredients and products. Most of our customers and suppliers are from Italy and Russia. Our activity started in 2009. Since then, our business has grown from year to year.
We are international business professionals. Our strong point: we are able to understand what exactly our clients need.
We have a representative office in Moscow - a small wonderful team of 3 people.

Irina Pavlova
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Seeds, grains and legumes
Many crops are grown in Russia and are widely used in Italy. Flax seeds are not only a healthy food for people, but also an important part of the diet of farm animals, such as dairy cows and horses.
Legumes - like lentils, a staple of traditional Italian dishes. Italians believe in the omen that a dish of lentils brings money and wealth to the house.
We successfully export products grown by Russian farmers.

Only natural raw materials for food production: orange juice concentrate FCOJ , fruit puree, potato flakes
Orange plantations and large modern factories in South America make juice available to the population of many countries of the world. We import FCOJ orange concentrate to Russia for the production of natural juices and various drinks.
And from Russia we export potato flakes for the production of mashed potatoes.
Potato flakes are produced in Russia using foreign technologies. The products comply with international standards, which is confirmed by the presence of relevant certificates.
The taste of mashed potatoes made from Russian potatoes is special, incomparable with any other.
Natural essential oils.
We sell a wide range of natural citrus oils from Italy for the most demanding customers: sweet and bitter orange, lemon, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, lime, neroli.
The best oil of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot is produced only in Italy by the cold pressing method, also called the cold pressing method. From Italy, these oils are supplied to all countries.
We also sell natural essential oils from all over the world: ylang ylang, cloves, lemongrass, eucalyptus, sage, lavender, rosemary and many others.
We love mashed potatoes too
Kraft bags
International logistics
For fast and safe delivery of products, we use different types of transport for different goods. These are tilt trucks and refrigerators, ADR vehicles for the delivery of dangerous goods, sea transport. Our wonderful transport partners pick up cargo in any, most remote countries of the world.
We have the ability to quickly deliver not only whole trucks, but also individual pallets thanks to the presence of consolidated warehouses in many European countries.
We sell goods with delivery to any European country; we provide opening and closing of export customs declarations.
In Moscow we have not only a representative office, but also a warehouse of products.
At the request of our clients, we bring products to Russia, carry out customs clearance and sell goods from a warehouse in Moscow for rubles.

1 kg
5 kg
15 kg
20 kg
Big bags
from 700 kg
till 700 kg
We pay very serious attention to the packaging of goods and guarantee 100% safety during transportation, loading and unloading.
Our specialists competently and carefully check the shipping documents from suppliers. Provide the necessary documentation to customs and clients quickly and on time.
Our many years of international experience and professionalism provide excellent service to our clients. We are perfectly able to keep all shipments under constant control and promptly solve emerging problems.

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